This week we take a ride in Gilles Dicham’s Colorado Orange 1972 BMW 2002 Touring through Beaucort, France.

Gilles grew up with a Golf GTI driving mother and Panhard wheeling father—needless to say, Gilles was unable to avoid receiving his parents’ petrolhead passion.

“So, today, I have over 12 vehicles at my house. I think the story will go on. My love is insatiable,” says Gilles in the most relatable gearhead mentality. With a tightly packed garage full of Panhards, old motorcycles, and Volkswagen GTIs, this plucky old Bimmer found its way into Gilles’ heart in a totally unrelated way.

Gilles tells, “On race tracks, I met a few friends who drove BMW New Class, and I would regularly join them in the Parisian region to attend Club Horizon 2002 cocktail parties. That is where I came across this famous Colorado Orange Touring and fell in love immediately. Not for the model or the engine power, but really for the color.”

It’s oftentimes an unusual reasoning or characteristic that draws us into a particular car, but once it grabs ahold of you, it seems impossible to avoid. Gilles ends the film on a note that rings all too true for the lot of us, “Unfortunately, I cannot help myself when an interesting product meets my eye, particularly when I have a history with a specific car.”

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